Proposal for the Ladybower Scenic Railway

Proposed route for the Ladybower Scenic Railway

I would like to propose building a scenic railway along the stunning Ladybower series of reservoirs on the A57.

This railway would be narrow gauge, following roughly the line of the existing road. Three lightweight bridges would be required.

The main station would be on the side of the A57, near the Ladybower Inn. A small disabled-only car park would be sited here, along with a bus stop.

A 'halt' beside the Derwent Dam would offer foot access to the Derwent Valley Museum and the National Trust run Fairholmes Visitor Centre.

The final stop at the north end of Howden reservoir offers options for walkers and would contain a small snack shop.

Trains would be run on weekends, bank holidays, and daily throughout the Summer holidays.

The railway would use electric traction only, powered by onboard batteries. These batteries would be charged at the Ladybower Station direct from the National Grid, but the railway would attempt to become carbon-neutral through the use of solar cells or wind turbines.

A full end-to-end trip would take around 30-40 mins, travelling at a sedate 20-25 mpg.

Who's with me?

Part 1. in a series of Hypothetical Infrastructure posts