Android Mini Collectables

The iPhone vs Android vs BlackBerry smartphone 'war', as journalists like to describe it, often seems to end up descending into tribal-like brand loyalties. If that's the case, then this brand-extension might attract a few fans: collectable Android mini figures.

The 'collectables' market seems to be something everyone's trying to cash in on at the moment. Whilst there have always been football stickers and so on for kids to collect, the massive success of the Lego Minifigures series has spawned huge numbers of imitators. You can now collect the figures of everything from Moshi Monsters to Doctor Who characters.

Given that the model behind these 'blind-packaged' collectables is all about impulse-buys and pester-power, and requires them to be displayed at the till point in corner shops and WH Smith, I imagine that the retailers will soon run out of space, and not all of these will survive.

Still, the Android Mini Collectables are now on Series 2, and so someone must be buying them. They're designed by artist Andrew Bell at DYZPlastic in New York, who acquired a licence for the brand from Google, and seem to be widely available online, priced around £7.99 each.

Originally posted to Google+.