Espressos & half-pints: two new habits

I’m not sure yet whether I can claim that going travelling for three months had any “life-changing” effects, but there are two small habitual changes I’ve made based upon my experiences.

The first is with coffee. I used to love drinking frothy, milky cappuccinos. They serve these in Spain too, of course, but I ended up copying what most of the locals do and ordering café solos (espresso). Seemed more fitting, somehow, especially when it was hot.

Since returning, I’ve stuck to the practice of only drinking single espressos (or black coffee if someone’s making it at work). You appreciate the taste of the coffee much more, plus it’s a lot better for you. The only downside is that awful espresso is truly awful - whereas the milk can mask that a bit. So I’ve become a little bit pickier, but not to true coffee-snob levels.

The second change I’ve continued with is to only drink beer in half-pint measures. This is unusual here, where most people drink pints, but in Spain and France, small beers (cerveza) were the norm – often only equating to something like a third of a British pint. I suspect this is partly down to the heat – a pint would get warm by the time you’ve finished it. Spain and France also have a more relaxed culture of social drinking, but not to excess.

Drinking halves might be a little socially awkward (especially for men), but I don’t mind that – and it has the advantage of being cheaper & slowing your drinking down.

Two changes for the better, I think!