I'm lucky enough to have many friends - they inspire, entertain and humour me. Here's a list of those who have websites.

Aaron Straup Cope makes amazing maps at Stamen Design. He also tweets in Haikus.

Aden Davies has unbridled enthusiasm for digital innovation, particularly in banking.

Adrian Hon runs storytelling agency Six to Start, and was once a scientist.

Adrian McEwan is one of the nicest and most generous people I know. He likes making things with electronics, and driving his insane yellow car.

Clare Bateman is a freelance game designer. She likes dressing up as a zombie.

Claire Ross is a 'museumaholic' and a passionate advocate for all things digital within the cultural sector.

Dan Hon has upped-and-moved to the USA, where he’s currently working within ad-land.

Dan Zambonini is a super-smart online entrepreneur, coder, writer and marketer.

Emily Barnes is a colleague, a copy-writer and a style guru.

George Oates is a designer, currently Art Director at Stamen Design.

Greg Povey is a talented writer and web producer, as well as being the only person in Sheffield not to own any proper boots.

James Boardwell is a long-time colleague and neighbour - he’s responsible for persuading me to move up north.

James Cridland is a radio futurologist who loves DAB.

Jane Audas is a curator of beautiful small design things, as well as producing digital projects for museums.

Jez Nicholson is a co-collaborator for Open Plaques, and loves everything geo.

Jo Saull is an ex-colleague who loves music and travel, and does fun stuff for museums.

Martin Belam is an Information Architect for the Guardian, and the most long-term prolific blogger I know.

Matt Deegan does forward-thinking radio industry stuff, and is a presenter for Fun Kids Radio.

Matthew Smethurst is a super smart technologist at the BBC.

Mia Ridge is an ex-colleague and cultural heritage technologist, currently lost to academia.

Mike Ellis is an ex-boss, now running a digital consultancy in Bath called Thirty8 Digital.

Rhinannon Looseley works on online learning for the Museum of London, and once co-wrote an academic paper with me.

Rob Lee is an ex-colleague, now working for the BBC doing highly technical stuff.

Ros Arksey is a neighbour and fellow lover of local food.

Russell Davies is an inspiring thinker. He's always doing something different, but it's usually interesting.

Simon Harriyott is a co-collaborator for Open Plaques and is a proper C# software developer.

Toby Barnes is an organiser of excellent conferences, and is always talking about computer games.

Tom Stafford is a neighbour and Psychology Lecturer who speaks human.