I'm not sure if anyone has really noticed much, but when I last updated this website, I also decided to pick a new website icon (also called a “favicon”).

I'm rubbish at drawing though, and so to make things easy I thought I'd just pick a pre-existing but relatively unknown symbol. The one I settled on was the Pilcrow.


I've always known this as the 'Invisibles' icon from Microsoft Word, but Pilcrow is its official name (also “paragraph mark“).

It has a rich typographical history, apparently, originating from the letter C (for the Latin capitulum, meaning “chapter”), before evolving into the mirrored double-stroke P character. Then finally it became obsoleted by the convention of physically separating paragraphs with whitespace instead.

The idea I like most though is that the Pilcrow represents “a new train of thought”.

Given that my train of thought is being constantly being diverted, derailed, and replaced by a bus service, I thought it'd make an appropriate icon.