Playful 2013 sketchnotes

I went to Playful 2013 on Friday. It’s a conference about design, games and playfulness. This year’s theme was loosely playing with form.

On arrival I picked up a pack of blank playing cards and a Sharpie pen that Smithery and Mudlark had designed for the event. I think you were supposed to make a game with these, but instead I used them to sketch out some notes from the talk.

I kept it up all day, so I thought I’d share them.

Anne Holloday showed what some engineers had taught her about the process of making, with some clips from her The Makes of Things documentary series.

Ben Reade discussed the research and development he does at the Nordic Food Lab, and how he made some mould taste like foie gras.

Dan Catt showed everyone the best ever Snakes and Ladders board, and how he used computers to make it.

Dani Lurie talked about mischief-making and the experiments she did for Oh Comely magazine.

Duncan Fitzsimmons talked about some of the innovative projects he’s worked on at Vitamins Design, including folding-a-wheel.

George Buckenham discussed form and ‘play feel’ in video game design.

John V Willshire (Smithery) pushed a 'boxes' metaphor to its limits and said we should make things of the internet, not an internet of things.

Maria Lisogorskaya talked about vernacular architecture and play spaces, part of her work at the Assemble collective.

Marie Foulston told the story of her home-building within the Animal Crossing game.

Pippin Barr talked about some of the extroadinary video games he’s made.

Rob Lowe talked about art, optical illusions, and Moiré patterns.

Stefanie Posavec talked about her ‘vacation’ at Facebook, where she was an artist in residence.