Privacy policy

I take privacy pretty seriously. You can rest assured that, if you’re reading this website, you’re totally anonymous to me.

If you do want to contact me and say hello though, I’d be happy to hear from you.


This website doesn’t use any cookies (small pieces of data saved on your machine) at all. They’re simply not needed.

I may occasionally experiment with third-party widgets such as social media buttons, which may set or read their own cookies. But I’ll try and keep those to a minimum.


As you browse this website, your IP address and some basic details about your browser (version number, etc) are temporarily saved (unless you’re viewing a cached version of a page, which is often quite likely).

These details are only stored for around 5 minutes though (the log file is capped at 500 lines), and then permanently destroyed. If I do ever need to look at the logs, it’ll only be for debugging purposes, and I won’t make any attempt to try and trace the IP address.


I don’t use any third-party tracking tools (such as Google Analytics) for this website.