Returning to London

After setting off on new adventures three months ago, camping around Europe, I am now back in the UK and moving to London.

The trip was fantastic. We stayed at a huge variety of campsites (27 in total), in cities, up mountains, and on coasts. We did days of sight-seeing and epic long hikes. There were days of endless rain, but also many days of sunshine and baking warmth.

I haven’t been able to spend much time looking back at it though, as returning home means moving on to the next thing. In this case, a new (old) city.

London has changed quite a bit since the last time I lived there, with new skyscrapers and newly gentrified streets, but it’s still recognisably the place I grew up in. (And I’ve just about retained my mental tube map.)

As well as the move, I’m also setting up as a freelancer. Not something I’ve done before, but I’m hoping it’ll mean some interesting work with a variety of people.

I’m not sure yet how to describe the freelance work I want to do, succinctly. For now, I’m simply a person who can design and make web things.

Oh, and my new company is called, simply enough, Frankie Roberto Ltd.