BBC Blogs

Currybet has slightly pre-empted me with this blog by writing about a talk given by Six Apart at the BBC in which he gives a rare insight into what the BBC thinks of blogging.

During a brief spell working for BBCi (as it was then), I noticed that there were a lot of BBC-internal bloggers, but a distinct lack of public-facing ones. Some of the BBC's community sites, such as collective allow for users to post blog-style diary entries, but it's not blogging in the regular sense.

I did a big search to see just what blogs the BBC were publishing. Here's a summary of the results:

As well as these, there are numerous pages which are labelled as 'blogs' but which are actually static pages containing what's more of a diary, kept by a single person over a short space of time. See, for example 'A Cricket Fan's Blog' and 'The Beijing Blog' and others. These can't really be considered blogs, and just show the BBC up for being slightly out of touch.

Here's hoping that the BBC can publish more and more blogs on its many sites, and wake up to benefits of publishing RSS feeds. Commenting is always going to be problematic, with most blog technologies not having moderation tools strong enough to meet the BBC's tight standards, however this could be overcome.