Linguistic rules for simple speechwriting

The Guardian editorial "In praise of ... the rule of three" reminds me of a memorable lesson I had at school about linguistic devices used in political speeches. (It was probably this kind of lesson which prompted me to later do a degree in Linguistics.)

Here's a quick list of the patterns I remember:

These devices are all widely used by politicians and campaigners - and the surprising thing is how effective they are. Some might say that it's a symptom of the 'Soundbyte Culture" (this phrase has amusingly become a soundbyte in its own right) generated by rolling tv news. But I think it probably goes back further than that, and has more to do with the requirements of combative speech than of TV.

If you watch someone give a genuinely persuasive speech - the sort that you might see at TED, or in the early days of Barack Obama's campaigning - then it's far more about storytelling and narrative than simple linguistic tricks.