BBCi News and Blogs - Continued

A while ago, I published the idea that the BBCi News website should accept pings (to allow it to link to blogs discussing the article.

Tom Coates points towards a BBC-external website, Wikiproxy, which is pulling together exactly this information. However, rather than accepting trackbacks/pings, it pulls the info from Technorati. This has the advantage in that it doesn't require the blogs to actively send the pings, with Technorati instead scanning blogs for links. However, it carries the disadvantage that the Technorati links only link towards the front page of the related blogs, and not the permalinks of the actual article (as Technorati scans flat HTML and not RSS feeds).

It's an interesting test of how useful/interesting the service would be though. I think that if BBCi News did (by some miracle) decide to take up the idea, then accepting trackbacks (and moderating them) would be a better solution.