John Peel Dies

Like everyone else today, I was shocked and saddened to learn of John Peel's death. He is a true radio legend, and I don't think any one other single person has done as much to advance new music. I've always thought it was fantastic how he was able to continue on at Radio 1 long after his contemporaries had retired or moved on - had he lived to 100, I'm sure he'd still be there, doing his thing.

John managed to stay with the current musical trend, championing heavy metal and techno, whilst still playing and enjoying folky music from the 60s. He was listened to by my dad was he was my age, and I've listened to him all through my life too.

I managed to see John Peel DJ at the Fabric nightclub (where he amazingly managed to look completely in place) and he was amazing, performing a great set (with not a single record on the wrong speed), including a mix of 'Teenage Kicks' and 'You'll Never Walk Alone'.

Am just listening to Radio 1 now, and Steve Lamacq is doing a great job of putting out a tribute programme in the John Peel slot. Many of the Radio 1 DJs and backroom staff are apparently staying late to listen to this show - they've just given John a toast, and I'm doing the same.

I'll truely miss Peel, as will millions of people. Here's to a legend...

PS - Does anyone know if John Peel ever did do the Chart Show, as was rumoured?

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