'Outrage' over BBC screening of Jerry Springer opera

Over the last few days, the BBC has been plagued by an organised protest by Christian groups over the screening of Jerry Springer - The Opera over claims of blasphemy. Star actor David Soul has defended the show saying "it wouldn't have got where it is if it was about blasphemy and language - we have a right to enjoy quality entertainment".

Blogger Eyedropper points towards a daily mail article claiming that the show contains 8000 swear words. This would work out at one swearword every 0.9 seconds, were it not for the fact that this statistic was calculated by "multiplying the number of swear-words by the number of people singing them". So, ten people singing the same swear word in unison is meant to be ten times more offensive is it?

Well done to the DG Mark Thompson for defending the show and pointing out that the Beeb gets more complaints when they edit out obscenities than when they let expletives go out uncut.

The most obvious questions for the campaigners that come to mind are firstly why they can't just not watch the show if they think it might offend and secondly why there haven't been similar complaints about the stage version, which has been hugely successful and running for some time.

Personally, I think the show sounds great, and all this outrage has done has drawn my attention to the screening - it's bound to get good ratings now. I have no problem with the swear words, and the Jesus-in-a-nappy scene sounds hilarious.

I'm sure that Ofcom will agree with the decision to screen the show and won't uphold any of the complaints.