The Mighty Boosh Live

I've raved about The Mighty Boosh before on my blog, after catching their second series on BBC Three. Well, since then I've bought series one on DVD, and last Thursday went to see them live at the Brixton Academy.

I'd somehow never managed to see a gig at the Brixton Academy before, despite seeing a few gigs a week during my year as Head of Music for Rare FM. It's a magnificent venue, with a sort of indoor-outdoor feel to the auditorium, which has huge greek-like columns on the sides, and a venetian style grand bridge crossing over the top of the proscenium arch. It's absolutely huge, and really took me by suprise - I had expected it to be more like the comparitively shabby London Astoria. The history of the Brixton Academy is pretty interesting too.

The Mighty Boosh show that I had gone there to see was really good fun, full of some of the best characters and scenes from their tv shows, but wrapped up (loosely) in a different plot and with some other new bits. Much of the fun of the show comes from the over-the-top silliness of it all - it's not a deeply satirical kind of comedy but nor does it come across as forced 'wackiness'. Instead it's more like a few blokes messing about and having a laugh, with the audience included.

The material was a bit stronger than the tv shows - being raped by animals seemed to be a recurring theme - but this didn't detract too much from the main style of childish foolery. At one point though, Vince Noir (Noel Fielding) comments "we couldn't get away with this on BBC Three - they said that they would have had to put us on later. We said 'is that really fucking possible?'" Then, in another sideswipe that got a cheer from the audience, muttered "it's okay, we know our place - after Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Shit". (Hell knows how that hideous show has made it to series six).

The finale of the show involved the two main characters flying across stage on wires - probably for no real reason other than they thought it would be fun. They had put a lot of effort into the whole show, and so it was entertaining start to finish. Quite a few members of the audience had made an effort too, dressing up in elaborate costumes copied from the show - perhaps a bit too fanatical if you ask me.