A citizen journalism project at BBC News Online

So, this week I'm working on a project that I thought up a month or so ago: to dedicate a week to writing citizen journalism, with the help of a news organisation. It might seem like an odd thing to do - most bloggers and Wikipedia type contributors do it in their spare time, but I figured that it helps if news is timely and that giving it a full week of my time might reveal some interesting findings.

BBC News online - probably the most popular news website in the world, or at least the UK - liked the idea, and so here I am, occupying one of their desks, scouring the newswires, blog sites, Google news and so on for stories to cover.

I'm posting mainly to Wikinews, but also to a quick site that I set up at frankieroberto.com/citizenjournalist, in order to keep a good record of the week. I'm posting regular short journal-style updates there (check the RSS feed), and some updates on the project may also make their way onto the BBC news website, which has just put up my introduction to the 'experiment': A citizen among journalists.

If there's stories you think I could cover - let me know!