BBC/Yahoo! Hack Day presentations liveblog

I'm at the BBC/Yahoo! Hack Day. I didn't manage to finish making anything in time, so I'm going to liveblog the presentations instead. It should start any minute now.

Time: 2:38. Battery: 88%. About to start.

2:42. Lights dimmed. Starting now.

The presentations

(They get 90 seconds each. ouch). There's some kind of clever voting system using batons and a scanner. Not sure how it works.

#0: Word up (I'll link these up later) - based around text / dance culture. using a dance mat - challenge based on how fast you can spell out a message on the dance mat, i think. they've got a video - looks kinda fun.

#1: Inus 4 Still Delicious - only used 30 seconds. a simple app to check your bookmarks for dead links.

#2: Sprung Where should I live...? - webiste which mashes different sources to show you where to live. includes education data, population density and crime data. big red spot over london for crime data.

#3: Hackfighter Hackfight - man, he's talking fast. uses your different web identities to create some kind of online roleplay game. eg uses twitter to do charisma.

#4: Leo Lapworth Mightv and yahoo Search - existing mightv website - have added links and search results to tv listings.

#5 Tom Scott Hacked! A live conference game - took a suggestion literally - conference game using post-it notes. have even added apis.

#6 Team Moon - they've screen-scraped UN website and turned it into a proper website, with persistant links . from the fax mp dudes. very worthwhiel.

#7 Acme 3d mouse and missile launcher - have got a 3d mouse )what's that_ and a usb missile launcher. launches missile into audience. kinda fun. gets a laught.

#8 Vaporteam theflashbackproject - not quite following this one, speaker has a strong accent. something to do with pictures and locations.

(skipping #9)

10 Josh Clark "Machine-Tag Generator" - web app which adds machine tags. post text into box - yahoo term extractor - wikipedia search - generated machine tags. bit convoluted, but interesting.

#11 Monkey Tennis BBC Nwsr 24 - matches subtitles (scaneed via OCR from tv stream) and matches them to wikipedia links. also has flickr photos and maps. cool

#12: 12 Storybook Storybook - taking images from web into Mia. some kind of story-telling thing. plus animation.

#13 North and South Top Gun - an 'offline application' drawn on paper. zooming into a person. takes a phone call about an 'api'. very funny.

#14 Chris and Jeff Hood.FM - adding geo tags to music. creates a 'soundtrack for the city'. not sure how they do the geo/music matching.

#15 Lance MyBlogBunny - uses Plaze api and nabaztag bunny. the bunny is talking!! bunny is also talking in semaphore with its ears.

#17 team The, a socially controlled air ship. - go blimp team. we're controlling the blimp now from our laptops. in theory.

#18 happy coders flickr captcha - makes an image-based captcha (from Flickr, naturally). does what it says on the tin.

#19 James Aylett collapsing contacts on social networks - tries to solve the problem of having to add all your friends seperately on all the different social networking sites. crap interface. also plots friends on a map.

20 Wencheng and dotBen BeebTube Video News Widget - taking bbc news videos and embedding it iGoogle. also works in 'Bubbletop [plug plug]. browser crashed.

22 Banana Labs Fruitr - 'image recognition for lazy chefs'. matches pictures of fruit and veg with recipes.

#21 Colm McMullan and Richard Keen Multimap Twitterbot - mobile application using text messages. they've done a video. nice presentation. bit difficult to see - just loks like text message inbox.

23 SWX Team SWX - something to do with flash. bit technical. they've got a bunny too. will this bunny speak? nope, doesn't look like it. they're talking byte code and serialisation now...

24 Leo Lapworth "Where to find the best second hand clothes." - mixes nestoria property data (find 5 million quid properties), put them on the map, looks up yahoo for oxfam shops in the area. nice.

26 Peter Kaushik Submitting RSS feeds into Answers API - tries to find a correlation between what's in the news and what people are talking about on yahoo answers.

29 Erin and Kelvin John Peeled - matches john peel session data with to try and find related and similar artists. awesome idea. some nice visualisation.

28 Mark Birbeck YOWL - black screen. oh, its up now. 'YUI-based control modification system'. can't get it working so we're skipping.

27 Martin Kleppe Hedgehog - something to do with maps. no idea what. sorry.

(people are going so fast we're ahead of time. guess the 90 second timer is a bit intimidating)

back to YOWL guy. still no idea what he's on about.

32 Anti spam in Yahoo Pipes Shevek - built a ranking mechanism in Pipes. don't quite get it.

#30 multimedia@southampton artheworld - having mac problems.

33 homogenizr kelly le hack - screen-scrapes myspace, runs yahoo term extractor, then publishes that person's 'ideal friend'. nice

34 MetaHack Celso - tries to create a 'seamless transition' from mobile to web. camcorder not working. ooh its working now. nice. read a blurb on mobile, click 'read later', then see it on your pc. using some kind of reader. nice concept.

35 Mnemosyne You say potato, I say Solanum tuberosum | - greasemonkey script which translates tags for flick into different langues. i think. sounds clever. u

30 multimedia@southampton artheworld - augmented reality. using a camera because they can't get mac to display on screen. not enough time to explain it prperly.

36 DeProp Tom Morris - yet another mashup using Pipes and yahoo term extractor. running on political blogs.

37 Mark Birbeck RDFA and Y! pipes - eek, RDF. far too complicated for me. think it's a bit like a microformats for RDF using a parser?

38 RM Scope - trying to change targetting of advertising campaigns with future events? linked in with right media advertising api. looks complicated.

40 James Wheare Tagmaps Local Explorer Localhostin' for now. Will be a URL soon I guess - map displaying bus stop data on a satellite map. shows the bua stops near ally pally.

39 pixeldiva (aka Team Yarn Insurgence Force) Buzz Knit - 'my names's anne and and i'm a knitter'. likes to knit socks, but they're a bit boring. she's done a knitting hack! has created a knitting pattern based on search terms. 'one of these days i might be able to knit my blog rather than writing it'.

41 Matthew Somerville Along the Same Lines - another geo-tagging photo thing, which finds photos on the same line of longtitude/latitude. not sure why. kind of fun though.

42 Per Hest - wasnt paying attention, sorry.

They're doing a 'faceball' demonstration - think they need to kill some time, we're running pretty fast. there's two people on stage throwing balls at each other. i'm a little confused. this must be something i've previously missed out on.

43 Supernova SLorpedo: The mixed reality game of naval warfare - a secondlife / real life mashup. playing battleships? uses yahoo answers api to name the ships (tenuous link in order to qualify). second life 3dness looks good though.

44 Laughing Man 'flickrDrop' - yet another mashup using flickr and yahoo term extraction. think it's meant to be a visual search engine.

They want to hear from the person who travelled the furthest (but not from americans) to get here. not sure why.

45 Simon Willison Google Smite - Google did the lightning!!!

46 The Oxford-Birmingham-Kansas alliance London Geeks (from the same guy as the Smite thing) - website which aggregates everything tagged with 'londongeeks', all hosted externally.

47 Tweather Tweather - it's twitter gone insane! map showing how people are reporting the weather on twitter.

48 Matthew Somerville Flickr! FixMyStreet - fixmystreet guy. they've enabled reporting via mobile, with pictures. awesome - one of those concepts which Just Makes Sense.

Beagle III - its a coke/mentos thing. is that a hack? nice video though. we have life off... hey they've got mid-flight photos. cool.

51 - lets you bookmark tv programmes to watch. get a reminder by a text message. if you're further from your house (via location text), then it texts you earlier. nice.

52 Richard Rutter and Andy Hume "Get us Organised" - Web App for Upcoming that lets you decide between your friends on a time/location for an event. nice idea. a hack I Would Actually Use.

Battery: 46%. man, this is exhausting. fun though.

They're playing faceball. standing up this time. 'oohs' from the audience at a near miss. what's the score? is there a score? hmm, that was an anti-climax.

54 Steffan Flickr Tunes? - linking images from flickr with song lyrics. uses yahoo term extraction, creates a slide show as the song plays in iTunes. also got machine tags to sychronise your own images with the track. nice. i want this now.

55 twitup twitup - uses twitter as a way of aggregating what people are talking about bbc tv programmes. i think. this is quite nice too.

58 Puggle iwondr - twitter bot. text 'i wonder ..' (eg what the train times are) and it'll text you back. really? sounds like that'd need some impressive language parsing.

53 Chris Alcock Flickr Face Ball? - more faceball. loads pictures in from flick, add a faceball ball, then upload to flickr. that all?

58 Puggle - mitmaping. displays thumbnail of a web page. unless i've missed something.

59 Meteor Real time wifi traffic stats for Hack day - frequence analysis on livejournal blogs ('me' is popular). then a map showing your wifi stats (where in the world you're connecting to).

60 Marcus Bointon Hack Saver - a screensaver??

61 zome belgian guys (m)y-space - scrapes myspace (including the songs). that'll be popular with the myspace lot. AND you can save the songs as a local MP3!

63 Nick Bilton The New York Times >R&D Lab - yahoo maps mashed up with geoRSS.

Battery: 37%. Time: 4:50.

66 Paul Mison, Candace Partridge Above London - text message alerts for when the Internation Space Station and 'merifium flare' flies overhead. doesn't bother to text you if it's cloudy though. nice.

65 Angel Gonzalo, Daniel Remeseiro Pyzeta - woah, they're videoing a video. bit difficult to see what's going on. some mobile thing. they filmed it in portrait so it's tilted to the left.

64 Stephen Fernandez team steeev - script to let you tag people in flickr photos. good concept actually. flickr falls down on this - facebook does it well. Flickr need to integrate this hack

68 Dominic Cleal Locality - anotehr app showing where to live.

70 Adam Cohen-Rose Whats around me - mobile app which sends local pictures to your mobile.

69 TH 1 NK?_H4CK Urban Catchphrase - a game. bit confused as to how it works.

72 Oli and dave wifi badge - were going to do top trumps with your friends, but run out of time. hacked the free wifi strength monitor and made it into a badge.

71 Dharmafly Hack Hud - nice greasemonkey script. slagging off the bbc html code, haha.

73 BYSACC - mashup designed to add links back to original photos for composite images. nice concept. uses machine tags i think.

Batter: 27%. Time: 5.13.

Nabazhack - a bunny hack that reminds you when 'Doctors' is on. or other tv programmes, presumably.

A cat hack? 'I IZ HAPPYCAT'

16 moo - site based on the idea of finding out what is happening on the internet by peeking behind your curtains. mashes up weather, fixmystreet info, etc. looks cool - will check it later.

More from the paper-based app. They've released a new version, ace.

BBC team are demoing an iPlayer facebook app. they're screen-scraping their own app! they got themselves banned from the iPlayer in the course of making the app, haha.

And we're done... Man, that was hard work... some great hacks - well done everyone!