Grumpy Old Men

The Grumpy Old Men Christmas special was one of the best things on over the holiday. Simply put, the programme features a collection of grumpy old male celebrities, such as Will Self, John Peel and Rory McGrath, moaning about modern life.

The ferocity of rants, targeted at everything from carrots in Cornish pasties to predictive text messaging, is hugely funny to watch, even though you can't help but agree with most of the arguments. It's also really unusual to see such well known faces really let off steam on television, with even Richard (of Richard and Judy) resorting to angry swearing. You rarely see an interview where the guest lets out this level of steam - Room 101 doesn't even come close.

The series, produced by Stuart Prebble (former Chief-exec of ITV) with the indie production company Liberty Bell, has just finished repeating on BBC2, but here's hoping that it gets a second series...