The Dome: Still There

I spent some time yesterday travelling around London on the tube visiting random tourist sites and seeing what I could find. I'm a Londoner, so this might seem strange, but I had a day spare and was fed up of being cooped up at home. Besides, Londoners can enjoy London too.

The first stop on the trip was the Millennium Dome in Greenwich. The dome remains empty for most of the year, but was home to the Winter Wonderland [updated to an archive link] theme park during the lead up to Christmas. I thought I might catch a glimpse at things being dismantled and taken away, but no, the dome was empty yet again, the whole area deserted.

It's a shame that there's nothing permanent in the dome yet. At one time there were several proposals, but none of them have come to anything, and so all we have seen so far are a few one-off events. I think creating a theme park is the way to go. It could easily rival Disneyland Paris, with its central location and roof, and would become a major tourist attraction.