Sign up for my workshop at Museums and the Web 2009...

I'm pleased to announce that I'm going to be leading a half-day workshop at next year's Museums and the Web 2009 conference, which will be focused on 'interaction design' for museum websites. By 'interaction design', I mean the practice of planning which 'social features' should be added to a museum website, and how these should look and work. I'm hoping this will be useful to those in the museums community, as there's always lots of discussion about the benefits of the 'social web'/'web 2.0'/'user generated content', but less talk about the detail of how you actually do this in practice. So in the workshop, I'll be looking at the design decisions of choosing different styles, types, and formats of online participation, from blogs to wikis to competitions to forums.

The workshop's full name is Interaction Design for Museums on the Web, and you can find more details of the topics covered over on the conference website.

There will be a limited number of places at the workshop, so if you're planning on going to the conference (which is in Indianapolis from 15-18 April 2009), and like the sound of my workshop, registration is now open!

My workshop is in the afternoon, so if you also want to attend a morning workshop, Planning for Social Media might be a good pairing. It's being led by Seb Chan from Australia's Powerhouse Museum, and looks at social media strategy planning, and dealing with 'internal resistance' and concerns of 'museum authority'. Alternatively, see the full list of workshops.