Talking museums and wikis at MW2009

The full programme for the Museums and the Web 2009 conference was announced earlier this week. This means I can announce that as well as running a workshop on interaction design, I will also be presenting a paper at the conference on museums and wikis. I'm co-writing and co-presenting the paper with Rhiannon Loosely, who used to work at the British Postal Museum & Archive, where she ran a postal wiki. I worked on the Object Wiki whilst at the Science Museum, and together we'll be comparing our experiences and discussing how wikis can be a 'disruptive' addition or a replacement to traditional museum object management and web content systems.

Our paper will fall within a session called 'Wikis and the Expanded Museum Community', and will sit alongside two other papers on the subject. One is called Collaborative History - Creating (and Fostering) a Wiki Community and the other is The Quilt Index Goes 2.0: A Fiberspace Case Study, and I'm looking forward to hearing about both of them.

Registration for the conference, which takes place from 15th - 18th April 2009 in Indianapolis, USA, is now open, and the early bird discount last until 15th December.