GPS on mobiles - update

A few quick updates to the post I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago exploring the role of GPS on mobile phones:

Firstly, Nokia has released a new service called viNe in private beta. It's similar to Sports Tracker, but is less for the sporty types and more for the urban, culture-seeking geek (from what I can tell). The new features it adds are the geotagging of videos you shoot (Sports Tracker already does this with photos), and also associating your GPS track with any songs you listen to (a bit like the iPod Sports Kit, I think). Not hugely different, then, but clearly aimed at a different market, and a nice attempt from Nokia to bring the idea of geotracking to more of a mass market. If you're already a Sports Tracker user, you don't even have to worry about switching, as GPS traces are shared between the two applications, it's been discovered.

The second interesting update is that Nokia have brought out a new version of their maps application, called Maps 3.0. This is significant because in my previous post I moaned about their maps not being very useful for pedestrians, and Maps 3.0 has a 'walk' mode. I haven't been able to try it out yet though as the updater program to install it on the phone requires Windows, so if you get it working, let me know what it's like. Oh, and if you live in London or Berlin, you could even take part in some usability research of the application.

Finally, in the comments to the last post, Jane Dallaway pointed out SportsDo, an independent app for Windows Mobile and Java-enabled phones that she's used in the past whilst snowbording. She's since switch to using Nokia's Sports Tracker though, perhaps because it's free, whereas SportsDo costs £24.95 - ouch!