Starsky and Hutch game

I bought the Starsky and Hutch PC game during a bored afternoon, but two weeks later, I can't for the life of me get past level two! The gameplay itself is pretty good. I didn't see the original TV show, but the game steals most of its plots, stunts and ideas from the show. This is all done in a fairly tongue-in-cheek self-referential way, with secondary aims in the game being objectives like 'shoot 20 cardboard boxes'. There's also a constant need to keep your 'Viewer Rating' (VR) up - which you can do through good driving, shooting, or stunts. You lose points for hitting civilians and civilian traffic though (which has to be a first for video games, what with Grand Theft Auto being the complete opposite).

It has to be said though, I mostly bought the game because it has a cool cover:

Starsky and Hutch videogame

The only annoying thing about the game - and this is quite a big problem - is that it's so damned hard. Console versions might be a bit easier, with auto-aiming rather than mouse-controlled shooting, as might playing co-operatively (with you driving and someone else shooting). Playing it single player though, you have to drive, shoot, and complete the primary objective, all within a time limit. Impossible!