Rare FM - One Week In

Well, Rare FM, the student radio station for UCL that I help to run, has now been on air for just over a week, with three weeks left on our 28 day RSL license. So far, it's gone pretty well. Awareness of the station is rising around Uni, and the DJs are getting into the swing of their shows.

My Breakfast Show hasn't been fantastic so far as I've been concentrating on getting so many other things sorted. Hopefully I'll be able to settle down and plan some better shows from now on though. I've almost got into the swing of getting up early, but, as the timestamp on this post will show, can't always persuade myself to go to bed early enough.

I've joined the Radio Academy, in order to keep up with the latest radio industry news. However, I'm now considering whether or not to go to a conference on the 26th Feb on Breakfast Radio [updated to an archived link] - it looks really good but would cost me 100 quid + VAT, which is quite a lot really. I could write a few articles about the event and try and sell them to a few papers/trade mags to cover costs, but that might be a bit of a long shot. [Update: I did go to this conference in the end, it was good]

One thing I definitely will go along to though is the Student Radio Association Spring Conference.