Lock Down Project @ The Forum

On Friday I went to see the Lock Down Project, a newish band, support the Fun Loving Criminals at the Forum in Kentish Town. I went early with DJ Claire from the radio station to interview the band backstage (I did the recording whilst she did the questions). The guys in the band were all very nice, and gave us some good answers. They are all into a variety of music, and just seemed to want to have a bit of fun and do something different.

After the interview we picked up the tickets, managing to switch from the upstairs seats to downstairs in the standing area, and waited for the band to come out. As they launched into their first song we were suprised to see the guy who had been quietest in the interview giving it all as the lead singer. His style of singing is a cross between MC-ing and pop-Rock, with big gestures and a macho swagger yet singing 'nice' lyrics and doing sweet harmonies.

To complement this sound there was another singer playing a great-sounding acoustic guitar. This helped add to the general non-threatening feel of the music, and inserted some nice little solos and funky riffs.

The overall experience really is very different. The band geared the crowd up with an attitude that was almost Eminem-like, yet did this with some great pop tunes featuring simple happy lyrics that were easy to sing along to. This in mind, you might be forgiven for not taking the band seriously, however, I think they do do some interesting things, and above all keep their music fun and entertaining.

A perfect support act that could really develop into something more.