Station Agent

Went to see The Station Agent in the Camden Odeon with Fiona yesterday.

It's a very gentle film which abandons conventional narrative structure and instead simply takes a sensitive look at a section of the lives of three characters brought together randomly in a lonely location (Newfoundland). The characters couldn't be more different - a trainspotting dwarf, a young Spanish guy with a sick father, and a middle-aged woman suffering the loss of a young son and marriage breakup.

What makes the film special is the way in which we can see how the friendship between these characters slowly, and sometimes awkwardly, grows into a moderately strong one. There are moments of comedy, passion and sadness, with each scene throwing up something new.

The main character's dwarf stature is neither the main focus of the film nor ignored like it's not an issue. We see moments where his size is irrelevant, and scenes where he suffers verbal abuse because of it.

The Station Agent isn't a film with a great story to tell - what it does give you is some beautiful moments and an intimate relationship with a few great characters.