Skiing Holiday, Day 1

This is the start of my post-written write-up of the skiing holiday to France that I've just come back from. It's mostly just an opportunity to share my experiences and display a few bad photos.

The holiday starts at 7am on a Monday morning, where I'm woken up from sleeping on the floor of my mum's house (not enough beds to go round). A quick croissant and coffee to start the day (feeling French already) and then it's a speedy repack of all my things into a new bag, as the old one broke when trying to stuff too many things in, and we all leap into the taxi to Luton Airport.

Easyjet flight to Geneva was pretty uneventful. Luton airport is a really dull place. I read a paper and the in-flight magazine throughout the whole flight, as I was sitting in the aisle seat and couldn't see out of the window.

At Geneva we pick up a big 6-seater hire car from an underground car park and hit the road (on the right hand side). We're soon on the motorway (after only one missed turn) and on the way to France. Border control consists of driving slowly past a man waving. Head to

Chamonix through some tunnels. Soon start to see the mountains, and the road winds its way upwards. Drive past Chamnoix and into

Le Tour for a quick peek at the nursery slopes. Then onwards to our hostel type hotel Belle Vue, just around the (very sharp) corner into


Found key for room on a hook (hotel owner wasn't there) and unpacked (though I didn't bother). Then realised we were all hungry and so drove into Vallorcine looking for food. Unfortunately, all the shops were closed because it's a Monday (why, I have no idea). Find a bar at Hotel Le Buet but all it has is nuts. Buy lots of nuts.

Back to the Hotel. Have a quick nap (tired from sitting down all day) and then it's time for dinner, served downstairs canteen-style in a big dining room. A tray of meat and Sourcrepe (sp?) arrives in the middle of our table. Meat is lovely but Sourcrepe is a bit weird - a kind of salty vinegar-soaked cabbage. No other veg.

Sit around after dinner drinking french lager then off to bed. I get the lower bunk bed, with about a foot and a half of headroom. Can't sleep because of earlier nap. Eventually nod off in the middle of the night.