Satellite Radio

British consumers know all about Sky Digital, have just about cottoned on to Freeview and are beginning to discover DAB digital radio. However, there's another digital broadcasting network which is trying to push itself onto the market, and that's satellite radio.

You've been able to get radio via the satellite TV network for a while, with many of the stations being broadcast unencrypted. However, these do require a fixed sky dish and a digital receiver.

The new satellite radio service is called Worldspace. The network broadcasts a range of radio services on satellites aimed at whole continents. The 'AfriStar' satellite currently covers Africa, the middle east and most of Europe (see Coverage maps). Services come from a range of networks, including the BBC and Radio Caroline. Many of the channels come free, but they're due to launch a premium subscription service this month.

Radios (including portable ones) are available from World Space Radios.

(Via Dan Hill)