A Day In Liverpool

I visited Liverpool with Fiona a couple of weekends ago. The weather was fantastic, so it was really lovely. I hadn't been to Liverpool before, so I got a bit of a tour. The centre of the city itself is fairly typical - though it was good to see a whole band (with drumkit and amps) busking in the middle. We went to the science museum, which was free, and I showed up my London upbringing by commenting on how small it was (I later found out that they're extending it though). Highlights included being able to pick up a real meteorite (which was extraordinarily heavy) and seeing the shell of an enormous crab (though it had no info on where you might find such crabs).

Also in the city is this Yellow Submarine, built for the old gardens and now located on the side of a busy road.

We later headed down to the docks, which is a recently regenerated area. The centrepiece is the Tate Liverpool, which was in the middle of changing the exhibition, but still had some good stuff on display, including Michael Gormley's amazing 'Field'. This installation takes up a whole room, which is filled from corner to corner with 30,000 hand-made clay sculptures of little people, with their two pencil-made eyes facing forward. The result is that as you stand there trying to take it all in, you start to feel that they're all staring at you, making you almost self-conscious.