With the weather being so nice ('August weather in May', the weatherman said), I'm spending more and more time in our garden. Unfortunately, it's all gone a bit mad over the past few months, with weeds growing several feet high over most of the garden. Still, they do have pretty purple flowers. However, we're planning a BBQ for next week, so we may have to try and clear some space.

Last year there was no grass to speak of the garden, with the ground so trampled on by kids from neighbouring gardens that it was mostly just baked mud. Since then though, the grass has crept back, and now there's only a bit of bare ground left.

Our let ends in mid August, so there's plenty of summer before then in which we can make use of the garden. It's not really worth our while doing any major work to it, but hopefully we can make it a plesant place to hang out.

Oh, and we need to actually buy a barbecue for BBQ. Disposables are an option, but I reckon we can pick up a cheapo one somewhere which will last a bit longer.