Lego Tower Bridge

This video is pure Lego porn. If you can get over the somewhat cheesy intro, this is actually a pretty compelling pitch for a new lego set which lets you build London's Tower Bridge. The designer in the video is Jamie Berard, who used to be simply an adult fan of lego (an AFOL, in fan-speak), but has since been hired by Lego and is responsible for many of their large adult-orientated sets, including the Green Grocer and the Emerald Night steam locomotive (neither of which I have, sadly). You can tell he's a life-long fan by his lust for the 1x1 slopes ('cheeses', again in fan-speak) in every conceivable colour.

Here's the box cover for the model:

A model of London's Tower Bridge made out of Lego, complete with a miniature brick-built red double decker bus and a black cab

The UK retail price is reported to be £204.99, and it should be available from October. I'd better start saving up then...

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