Long Time No Blog

I haven't blogged for a few days now, and my last post was really just a link. This is mostly because I just haven't had the time, even though with uni finishing and no summer job found yet I just have bags of free time.

I'm spending quite a bit of my time working on Rare FM, our uni radio station which I'm station managing (to verb a job title) next year. Most of the work over the summer is just planning, but we're also looking to attract sponsorship and convince our student union to give us a bigger grant. I'm pleased with the way our website is shaping up though, Claire Craig, our new head of music, has been busy adding lots of content. Fiona, our new treasurer, reckons the layout needs working on though, and I agree that the front page is fairly poor at the moment. So any ideas or feedback gratefully received. I'm hoping to enter the website into the Student Radio awards (under the marketing category) this year, deadline for entries: 16th July.

I've also been re-arranging and tidying up my house a bit (all my flatmates have gone home/abroad so I have the house pretty much to myself at the moment).

I'll try and write up some more interesting blog posts soon.