Paris Photos

Last month my girlfriend and I spent a lovely couple of days in Paris. We did a combination of traditional sightseeing and just chilling out in parks and the Latin Quarter. Here are some pics:

This is one of the main icons of the Latin Quarter, and everyone seems to use it as a meeting point:

We managed to get into the Louvre art gallery for free, as they allow anyone under 26 in for free after 6PM on Mondays. Worth knowing.

La Villette is a modern park, built around the old meat market. A little bit further out than most of Paris's attractions, but worth a visit, if only for the fact that it has grass you can sit on.

The Sacre Cour is a relatively new church to Paris, built on a big hill out of white stone.

This bridge, leading to the Louvre, is a great place to hang out, with lots of local Parisians coming here to chill, often bringing instruments with them.

The Notre Dame is a famous tourist attraction, but there isn't much to do here apart from gawping at the fa├žade and dodging rollerbladers.