Being interesting about Lego

I'm going to spend 10 minutes on the 13th November being interesting. About Lego. On the same day, dozens of other people are also going to be interesting, about topics as diverse as sidesaddle riding, feral children, American baseball scorekeeping and cake. This isn't just a random occurrence, it's part of an event called Interesting North, taking place in Sheffield. And you can buy a ticket to attend for just £20.

The genesis of Interesting is a little hard to track down online. It was started by Russell Davies in 2007, and there's a website for the first event (with some video), but for info on the 2008, 2009 and 2010 events, you just have to follow the relevant posts on Russell's blog or @interesting on Twitter. They were all in London though, and so this year Tim Duckett has picked up the baton, and is running Interesting North as a northern outpost. It's going to be ace.

See you there?