Priority Inbox Zero

I got Google's new Priority Inbox feature last night. It's pretty awesome. I get a lot of e-mail. So much that I enabled the "hide unread counts" labs setting ages ago, in order to hide the fact that I have 11,804 unread e-mails.

The best thing about the new feature? This message, which you get when you're done with all the important e-mail:

Suddenly I go from e-mail overload to inbox zero in one easy step. BOOM!

(From now on, if Google doesn't think your e-mail to me is important, then I'm quite likely to miss it. I'll try and correct any false-positives that I see though.)

Google have produced a neat little video explaining the Priority Inbox feature (they seem to be doing more and more of these).

Incidentally, I've always suspected that one of the reasons behind Facebook’s success is that its messaging system works like a kind of opt-in e-mail system, where only your confirmed friends can contact you. As a consequence, it feels far more personal and engaging, and for a whole generation of people has become an e-mail replacement for all non-formal communication.