Hackney shops: ÜMİT & Son

Whilst I'm still living in Hackney, I'm going to document and post photos of some of the interesting local shops and sites which I've discovered over the past year.

First up is the most intriguing 'ÜMİT & Son' shop on Lower Clapton Road. The shop sells a few normal cornershop things like soft drinks and chocolate bars, but the main business of the shop seems to be to sell obscure martial arts films. Even more odd is that the owner doesn't seem to like DVDs, and instead stocks actual film print cannisters, as this sign advertises:

Also in stock is film projection equipment, handheld cine-film cameras and, under the counter, a few porn flicks.

I've never seen many people in the shop, but the owner opens up every day, and so he must have some customers. You'll never get a more specific, niche interest shop that's so locked in the past - it's nice just to see that such places can exist. I've only ventured in a couple of times, but I recommend visiting if you're in the area, if only for the odd experience.