In conversation with Tom Armitage...

I spoke at Interesting North last weekend. It was jolly good fun, and I think my talk went down pretty well. I'll try to write it up a little more fully at some point soon.

Meanwhile, you can read a write-up of the conversation I had with Tom Armitage, which covered some of the themes of our respective talks. This was hosted by Imperica, a publishing company who did a bunch of articles with the Interesting North speakers in the run up to the event, including another conversation between Toby Barnes & Marcus Brown, and a profile of Stefanie Posavec.

Some of the topics Tom Armitage and I touched upon were constraints & playfulness, friction in social web design (props to James for introducing the idea to me), historiography and 'gameification'. Hopefully it all makes a bit of sense - or is at least vaguely interesting.