Heritage plaques found in New York

This blog post over on the Open Plaques blog, written by collaborator Deirdre Molloy (who's far better at communicating the project than I am), represents everything I love about the Open Plaques project. I still can't quite believe that the project has become so sustainable (although there's a long way to go). Anyway, here's the first paragraph:

Of all the cities in the world you’d expect New York to have some commemorative plaques, surely. But in the (slightly over) one year lifetime of the Open Plaques project few had surfaced. Until, searching Flickr for photos a few weeks back, Simon stumbled on an entire constellation of them. How had we managed to miss them before? Well, it’s the colour stupid. Oh, and the name.

Now go and read the full post, it's marvellous.

(Note: the  Open Plaques blog currently uses the same design as this one, which is a little confusing. We need to change that).