Hackney Shops: Chickin Lickin

I wouldn't bother writing about this fairly standard fried chicken shop, which sits at the end of my road, smelling foul, were it not for its slightly amusing name, Chickin Lickin (sic), which always reminds me of the familar children's story of Chicken Licken.

The tale of Chicken Licken, for those that can't remember, is that Chicken Licken feels an acorn fall onto her head, and thinks that the sky is falling down. She goes off to tell lots of people, but no-one believes her. Then she tells foxy loxy, who lures them into his family lair, and then eats her. I'm not sure what this tale is supposed to teach you - maybe not to be stupid and not to trust foxes?

Incidentally, there are tons of foxes prowling around at night in this area, and I can hear some of them fighting each other (high pitched squealing) every night...