The Nation State Of Frankie Roberto

I started playing the Nation States game, which is based on the book Jennifer Government by Max Barry. In the online game, you create your own nation-state, and the type of nation you rule is determined by how you answer certain moral questions.

Being egotistical, my nation is named after myself: “The United Socialist States of Frankie Roberto” and is currently described like this:

The United Socialist States of Frankie Roberto is a small, socially progressive nation, notable for its strong anti-business politics. Its compassionate, intelligent population of 9 million enjoy extensive civil rights and enjoy a level social equality free of the usual accompanying government corruption.

It is difficult to tell where the omnipresent, liberal, socially-minded government stops and the rest of society begins, but it concentrates mainly on Social Welfare, although Education and Healthcare are secondary priorities. The average income tax rate is 100%. The private sector is almost wholly made up of enterprising fourteen-year-old boys selling lemonade on the sidewalk, although the government is looking at stamping this out.

Meat-eating is frowned upon, citizens can be frequently spotted going about their business stark naked, all industry is owned and run by the government, and Frankie Roberto's children are widely acknowledged as the most foul-mouthed in the region. Crime is totally unknown. Frankie Roberto's national animal is the monkey, which frolics freely in the nation's many lush forests, and its currency is the freepound.

My nation currently has been given the UN Category of Scandinavian Liberal Paradise.