Jus-Rol Croissants unboxing

I was intrigued enough to be tempted to buy a can of croissants from the Jul-Rol brand the other week (whilst unsuccessfully searching for filo pastry). They were sat in my fridge for a while, but today I decided to finally give them a go. This post documents the unboxing (and baking) experience...

This is the product. Note: despite it being can-shaped, it needs to be kept in your fridge, not in your cupboard next to the baked beans.

Another view of the can. Great strapline: "just unroll, curl into croissants, and bake until golden". Simple!

Now for the unboxing. The first thing to note: do not try to use a can opener. That's not how this works. Instead, pull here:

The can begins to unwrap:

At a certain point, the can starts to "open itself" - I think the air inside must be pressurised:

A little bit more 'persuading' and the insides are revealed...

...a long roll of pastry.

Unrolling reveals some perforations:

Simply tear into triangles.

Then roll up.

The end of the triangle should be on top:

Final step: curve into crescents, and, optionally, glaze with milk or eggwash.

Ten to fifteen minutes later (it was closer to 10 minutes in my oven), they're done:

So, how did they taste? Overall, not bad. A bit too doughey in the middle perhaps (would probably be better baked for longer on a lower temperature). But still, warm. And croissanty. And fun.