Moving House

So, I've finally moved myself from Hackney to Kentish Town. The move took a lot longer than expected and was pretty stressful, what with having to clean the old house and pack all my possessions, getting the estate agents to finally let us sign the contract and get the keys, moving all my damn stuff (minus some books sold on eBay), and, finally, unpacking everything the other end.

Part of the problem was that I simply have a lot of stuff. Which kinda surprised me, as I didn't really think I had. My clothes all fitted into one normal suitcase, but it was the shelves of books, DVDs and CDs which took up most room. The computer is also fairly bulky, as is my stereo system. All in all it was two carloads of stuff.

The new flat is very nice. I have a small outside patio, and the kitchen and bathroom are both well kitted out and a good size. The flat is in the basement of a converted pub, but I still seem to get a reasonable amount of light.

We don't have broadband set up yet (it'll probably take a couple of weeks), but we just got a phone line now and thus dial-up access. So it's been difficult to keep up with e-mail and blogging and stuff, which is a bit frustrating as there have been a few posts I really wanted to make. I'm about to go to Cornwall, and then to Wales, so I'm going to disappear again, but I'll try to keep more up to date after that.