The Television Set & Furniture

My friend Greg has written about the Television Set. He has a problem - his ancient telly, a cathode ray tube type, is packing up, and so he's having to replace it with a new flat screen one. That's not his problem though - his problem is that he wants his new TV to be as much of a 'piece of furniture' as his old one. Tricky.

I have a different problem. Our television is a modern flat screen affair, but it currently sits, somewhat awkwardly, on the floor in the corner of our front room. We moved a few months ago, and just before doing so, decided to chuck away the crappy old wooden table that the TV used to rest on. In our new house, the centre of the wall opposite the sofa is taken up by a rather magnificent fireplace. It seemed wrong to place the TV in front of that, and so it's on the floor, in the corner. We've meant to buy something for it to sit on, but we haven't yet. I've gotten used to it. Haven't felt much urgency.

The debate about how television fit into homes, and our lives, is a long-lived one. I grew up not consistently having a television at home at all, for various reasons (including the licence fee). Since then, I've had a couple of tellies of my own, but I've never liked the idea of having one so big that it'd completely dominate a room. Or be the only thing you could see from a sofa.

So I don't think I'd like to enclose my TV in a big wooden box - although I'd be interested to see what Greg ends up with.

Instead, I think my ideal TV would be invisible when not on. A projector would be the obvious thing - though I'm not sure exactly how that would work (you'd need white walls, I guess). Alternatively, perhaps some kind of future Kindle-esque electronic paper type screen would be better - then it could be programmed to blend in with the wallpaper when not being used.