Introducing Me-o-gram, a visualisation service for Mappiness

I've been taking part in Mappiness for a while now - it's a research project from LSE in the form of an iPhone app that asks you a few questions several times a day, among them, how happy you are. This data is sent, along with your current location and the ambient noise volume, to Mappiness's severs. Soon, Mappiness will be releasing an API which allows participants to get their data back out. I asked whether the team would reveal the format of this API ahead of time, and they were happy to respond.

Based off this, I've started Me-o-gram, a project which will visualise the data that you've submitted to Mappiness in new and interesting ways, in doing so telling stories about your life.

I've got several different visualisations in mind, and the design and calculations are in progress, but I'm interested in other people's ideas too.

The Mappiness API hasn't been released yet, so for now, all you can do at Me-o-gram is to sign up to be notified when it goes live. I'll probably only issue a few invitations to the service at a time (as the calculations will be resource-intensive), so sign up now to be at the front of the queue.

Oh, and if you're not already doing so, download the Mappiness App (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch only) and start responding to the daily questions. That way, you'll get the best visualisation. It's not too late to start now.