Chessington World of Adventures

I went to Chessington World of Adventures, a theme park, last week with some friends. I've been to this theme park loads as my mum used to get free tickets when I was little. Back then it was the best theme park in South England as they paid great attention to detail and had some exciting and imaginative rides. Then it went a few years without much investment and some bits of the park began to deteriorate. Due to its location, there are heavy restrictions on what new rides can be built, and nothing can be built above tree height. The old Vampire ride kept breaking down, and spent much of one year completely shut. However, the ride was rescued in a refit where the trains changed from being 'sit-down' to 'legs-hanging'.

As Tussauds also own Thorpe Park, they're now marketing Chessington as a family theme park and Thorpe Park as the thrill-seeker's park. Chessington is still well worth a visit though, and their new ride for 2004, 'Dragon's Fury' (a spinning 'wild-mouse' rollercoaster), is pretty good!

Here are some photos: