TV Screens on Buses

I was travelling on a 134 bus from Kentish Town to Euston the other day, and was suprised to see a flat-screen LCD TV screen installed at the front of the top floor of the bus. The screen rotated from displaying images live from the CCTV cams (which was a bit disconcerting for the people sitting right in front of a camera), and some graphics advertising that the screens would soon be showing sports, gossip, quizzes, soap updates, news and weather, with all of this content 'updated live throughout the day'.

So, there will be TV screens on buses showing silent video content, interspersed, no doubt, with adverts. Is this a good thing? Personally, I quite like the view from the front of the bus - these screens obstruct it. They're distracting. They might help relieve the boredom of bus journeys, but do we really want to be mindlessly all staring at a TV screen?

The screens are being run by a company called 'Crstal Eyes'. To let the company know what you think of the idea, e-mail