BBC London Links To 'Other Sources'

BBC News London has put up a page linking to other London news sources, as part of the 'BBC's public service remit' (or perhaps to try and placate cries of unfairness from other media outlets).

I had a look through most of the sites on the list and they are all, without exception, utterly rubbish. The Evening Standard's This Is London website is meant to be 'website of the year 2004', but the site is chocker with distracting ads and promotions, and the news content is the typical reactionary stuff of the Evening Standard.

Compared to that lot, the BBC site is a goldmine, but even that isn't fantastic. At least the BBC London news page has finally merged with BBC News's content production system (the content is the same, but the wrapper is different). I always find that there's a lack of coverage about transport, events, London-wide campaigns, and so on. The kind of really local type stuff you would get in other regional news programmes. Instead you get a version of the news that differs only slightly from the national news, with the news dominated by crime, politics and business.

Does London have no community spirit? Discuss.