Sushi - The Ultimate Snack Food?

I've gotten into the habit of buying those mini sushi packs from supermarkets - usually when they're reduced on the date of their sell-by date. People often think sushi means raw fish, but that's only one type of sushi (it's sashimi that's more concerned with raw fish). Most supermarket packs of sushi contain more mundane things like little bits of chicken, tuna, crabsticks or smoked salmon, all placed on or contained within sticky rice rolled up with bits of seaweed.

On their own, these bits aren't all that flavoursome. It's the little sachets of picked ginger, wasabi (hot green horseradish sauce) and soy sauce that make it all so tasty. The wasabi and picked ginger are especially good as they both have very strong flavours, which I love (I'm convinced my taste buds are crap).