Teachers, Series 4 Episode 1

Along with Spooks and Black Books, Teachers is one of the few TV programmes that I'd stay in for. Series 4 started today (Tuesdays, Channel 4, 10PM) and my, what a change.

I didn't get to see much of Series 3 (though the DVD is out on Monday so I'll soon catch up), and so the start was a bit of a shock. I knew that most of the original cast were gone, but it was a shock to discover that Brian, Matt and Kurt have been killed off (with no explanation given).

Series 4 starts with the first day of the two newly merged schools. Headteacher Claire is more manic than ever, Bob has hair (a wig) and is bitter over being stepped down from head of department and Carol is randomly attacking people and seems to have a baby. The other old characters were more or less behaving normally, but there's lots of new characters to get to know too.

The 'background action' has got more insane than ever, with rocket launchers and sword fighting in the playground as well as the traditional donkey. The storyline has gone haywire and everything has been turned upside-down. The writers seem to have gone down the path of proving that they don't need to rely on the regular actors (it's a long time since Andrew Lincoln got the lead credit) by being more insane, wild, over-the-top, rude and shocking than ever before. I'm sure it must have set some kind of new record for the most occurrences of 'fuck' in a TV show.

I'm not sure if I'm liking it yet. It's all too much of a shock (and there have been a few of them today). Will need to see how this series pans out...