DVD Players Are Crap

Less than a year ago I decided to buy a DVD player so that I could watch films on my TV rather than on my noisy computer. I bought a fairly cheap one from Woolworths (not the cheapest but the next one up).

Now, it's broken. The remote control, which you need to access any complicated controls like pressing right or left on menu screens, no longer works. Some of the less important buttons still work, but the main ones that you need for navigation don't do anything. I've tried changing the batteries, but it didn't help.

This isn't the only thing that annoys me about the DVD player. I don't like the fact that it refuses to skip the annoying copyright/production credits title screens. This is especially annoying when you realise that you've put the wrong disc of a set in, and have to swap it and sit through the same screens all over again. I realise that this is the fault of the DVD producers, but it's annoying that the DVD player manufacturers have to comply.

My girlfriend has recently bought a TV with integrated DVD player. This sounds like a great idea, and you'd think it'd be a lot simpler to use than my DVD player/TV/Amp combo, with only one remote control compared to the three I have to use. But actually, it's even more infuriating and confusing. It took us a week to figure out how to stop the TV resetting to a high volume whenever you turned it off then on again (now it just resets to a more acceptable level but still doesn't 'remember' the setting). The buttons double up as TV and DVD controls, depending on which mode you've switched it to (using more buttons not an actual switch), causing more annoyance. Finally, if you're watching a DVD and press the 'off' button, it doesn't switch off, but switches to the TV. Pressing 'off' again switches it back to the DVD. The only way of actually turning the thing off seems to be switching it to TV, changing the channel, and then turning it off. Crazy...

So, I'm looking for a new DVD player that:

Any ideas?