Mobile Blogging

Those who regularly read this blog will know that I often post photos taken on my mobile phone. They generally make their way onto the blog via a cable connection from my Nokia to the computer, then simply uploading the file to the blog. As I never have to do any resizing or manipulation, the process is fairly fast and easy. I think it works quite well, even though the photos are typically grainy and poor quality.

The main thing with the photoblog is that it acts as a prompt for me to write about things. Taking photos with a mobile phone is really quick, requiring only 2 button presses, and as I've always got my phone with me it's always available. It can also be really discreet, more so than purpose-made digital camera. All this means is that if I'm out about and I spot something interesting, I can quickly snap it, even if in a hurry to get somewhere.

Then, when I get back home and transfer all the photos from the last few days, the photos remind me of what it was I was going to talk about, and so I can quickly make a blog entry. I sometimes don't blog it until a few days (or weeks) after taking the photo, but at least I do actually post something. Sometimes, the photo is so bad that I don't upload it, but I still post some writing about the subject.

This is all well and good, but I've been doing this for over a year now, and it'd be nice to improve the system somehow. I could get a new mobile phone with a better camera (megapixel camera-phones are now available) and the ability to take short video and sound clips. Currently, the Nokia 7610 looks best for this, though it's still expensive at the moment. However, it's one of the few phones currently supported by Nokia's Lifeblog software, which looks good (see Christian Lindholm's blog).

It'd also be good to be able to post to the blog directly from the phone. txtsolutions offers the facility to blog via SMS/MMS, but I'm sure there are others out there.

I think I'll have a look at the options for a while before deciding what to do.